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Netanyahu Seeks to Calm Allies' Concerns Over Rafah Invasion

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As conflict escalates in Gaza, many people have sought refuge in Rafah, the southernmost district of the territory. The overcrowding has led to skyrocketing rents, multiple families sharing small apartments, and the emergence of tent camps. Scarce resources like food and fuel have forced people to resort to extreme measures, such as burning old clothes and book pages for heat and sustenance. Israeli officials have suggested that Rafah may be the next target in their efforts to combat Hamas, causing concern for the civilian population and aid groups. The high-density population in Rafah increases the risk of civilian casualties, and an Israeli ground invasion could further disrupt aid delivery. With limited options for escape, the residents of Rafah fear the consequences of an Israeli attack. The border with Egypt provides little solace as very few Gazans have been allowed to leave during the war. This leaves the residents of Gaza with few alternatives and uncertain futures, as their homes and businesses are destroyed.