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Taiwan plays a ‘very crucial role' in AI supply chain, says Taiwan Stock Exchange CEO

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Taiwan’s Crucial Role in the AI Chip Revolution and Semiconductor Industry

Taiwan plays a critical role in the AI chip revolution and the global semiconductor industry, according to the CEO of the Taiwan Stock Exchange. He highlighted the high demand for high-end chips and the server supply chain as the factors driving the growth of Taiwan’s stock market. The country’s dominance in the semiconductor industry is largely attributed to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), which produces advanced processors for companies like Apple and Nvidia. In terms of advanced chip manufacturing technology, Taiwan leads with a 68% global capacity share in 2023. The country also holds a significant market share in extreme ultraviolet generation processes. Despite recent challenges such as an earthquake and geopolitical risks, Taiwan’s capital market continues to show resilience. The CEO is confident about the future of Taiwan’s capital markets, citing the country’s good fundamentals and quick response to challenges.