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‘The Interview,' a ‘Full-Course Dinner' With the World's Most Interesting People

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The New York Times Magazine Retires Popular Talk Column for Podcast Format

The New York Times Magazine has decided to retire one of its most popular features, the Talk column. The column, which featured in-depth conversations with fascinating individuals, has been a reader-favorite since 2019. However, the magazine has opted to shift focus to podcasts. This move will allow for fuller and extended exchanges with listeners, as podcasts offer more breathing room compared to print columns. The Times has launched a new podcast called “The Interview,” where two journalists will alternate as hosts. The goal is to create a program that offers probing, conversational interviews on a larger scale and with greater frequency. The podcast’s first two episodes featured interviews with Anne Hathaway and Israel’s opposition leader, Yair Lapid. The conversations will also be transcribed and published online for those who prefer reading over listening.