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‘We're constructing an ecosystem': How a small, windy city could become a gateway for trade

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Dakhla, a city in Western Sahara, could become a gateway for trade with the construction of a new port. The $1.2 billion megaproject, scheduled for completion in 2028, will include a trade port, fishing port, and shipyard. The port is strategically located to connect regions like West Africa, the Middle East, Europe, North America, the Canary Islands, and South America. The project is part of Morocco’s national port strategy to enhance its role in global supply chains. The Dakhla port’s infrastructure, along with road infrastructure and renewable energy, aims to attract investors looking to access the West African market. With Africa’s free trade agreement in place, the port could encourage processing of raw materials on the continent. The Sahel region, particularly landlocked countries, is expected to benefit from the port’s access to Atlantic maritime trade. However, challenges such as local disputes, governance, transport connections, and political stability could impact the port’s success.