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Corrections: May 5, 2024

·2 mins

A review of an art fair in New York misstated the cause of death for an artist’s mother. The review incorrectly stated that she died of Covid-19, but she passed away in 2020 during the pandemic, unrelated to the virus. Another review about a different art fair misstated the nationality of an artist and the number of years the fair has been held at a specific location. The artist, Jennifer Tee, is Dutch-Indonesian, not American. The fair has been held at the Shed for four years, not two. An article about Indigenous artists participating in the Venice Biennale made an erroneous claim about Archie Moore’s involvement. He was the second First Nations artist to represent Australia in a solo exhibition, not the second to represent Australia at the Biennale. A previous article about artist Betye Saar provided an incorrect location for the commission and display of her site-specific installation. The installation is housed at the Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, Calif., and not in the Bronx. Another article mistakenly mentioned the location of an archaeological site in Michigan. The site is near Flint, not in the Upper Peninsula. Please note that errors are corrected during the press run, so some errors mentioned here may not have appeared in all editions. Contact the newsroom for correction requests or to give feedback. Email and delivery questions can also be addressed.